Acrylic Waterproofing

This system is recommended for: Galvanised & tiled roofs, ridging’s side flashings, valley flashings, parapet walls, roof screws & overlaps. We use Bondcryl acrylic waterproofing compound, a highly flexible liquid applied emulsion, that when reinforced with stitch bonded polyester it forms a homogeneous seamless waterproofing system.

We will waterblast the prepared surface to clean it from dust etc. then apply Bondcryl acrylic and immediately embed the SBP Geo-Fabric into the wet product ensuring no creases or folds in the material. Work the membrane into the Bondcryl using a brush. After which a second run of Bondcryl will be applied. After this we allow a minimum drying period of 30 minutes, before applying a topcoat with pre-mixed paint to match the colour of the roof.

Recommended Maintenance

A maintenance re-coat is recommended after three years.

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