Torch-on Systems

This system is recommended for: Concrete slabs, retaining walls & industrial box gutters. East Rand Waterproofing uses either the 4mm or 3mm Thermoflex torch-on system.

Thermoflex is a well-tested product and has been in production since 1982 and has been developed specifically for South African weather conditions.

Thermoflex consists of a 180 gram, double reinforced, heat set, chemically bonded, needle punched polyester geo fabric. Impregnated into this is S.A.B.S certified bitumen, (bitumen is inexpensive, inherently waterproof, durable, has excellent adhesive properties and is nontoxic). No other system has this track record as a waterproofing agent which is modified with attactic polypropylene and various other components, which provide flexibility and ultraviolet light resistance. The weathering surface is treated with an inert silica, which provides a key for adhesion of topcoats. The under surface comprises a heat sensitive polymer film which melts at the correct temperature during application.

A torch-on system is fitted by heat fusion only and by qualified personal that are trained in this field.

We will remove all forms of surface contamination to ensure a clean smooth surface for adhesion, we apply a undercoat thermoflex primer on surface and sides. Then we apply the torch-on waterproofing system on the surface, sides and around outlet pipes. Finally, the surface receives a topcoat silver aluminium paint to protect the product from the UV rays.


This system should be maintained by inspecting all the surface overlaps, turn-up overlaps as well as outlet pipes and make sure that they are heatweld where ever they seem to be pulling away and then we re-apply a final maintenance coat of silver aluminium paint to protect the product from the UV rays every three years. This will make sure that the product lasts for many years.

Torch-on system pic
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