Cementitious Waterproofing

This system is recommended for: balconies, internal & external walls, shower walls & floors and around outside window frames. We use Hyper Crete which is a synthetic latex additive for cement and mortar mixtures. Hyper Crete provides numerous advantages for example, it greatly improves adhesion to substrates, it greatly improves toughness and flexibility, improves resistance to water and water vapour, improves the performance of mortars in thin layers. It also improves chemical resistance and reduces dusting.

For cementitious applications the surface will be cleaned from all sort of contamination like: loose paint, grease, grime, oil and rust. to ensure a smooth surface, free of any loose material, or any other barrier to adhesion.

Absorbent surfaces such as concrete or plaster will be pre-dampened with clean water. The finished cementitious mix will be applied by means of a block brush. If the area being treated is going to be tiled or over coated with an acrylic, the slurry coat will be applied in two coats. In areas that may be subject to movement or in corners, the Hyper Crete slurry can be used in conjunction with a Polypropylene geo-fabric.

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